ascensionThe Light Beings that gave Katherine Parker the Resonance Alchemy frequencies and techniques, shared this gem of a course to support all of us during these times of drastic change. They want us to be able to hold more light and help humanity and the earth evolve. In only 4 hours, you can learn all you need to activate your Ascension codes!

What do we mean by Ascension?

Most simply, ascension is living at a higher frequency. The frequency of the planet is raising, and we have the opportunity to raise our frequency along with it. But raising frequency means shifting into a new perspective, the perspective of unity.

As we ascend, our consciousness is challenged to integrate and embrace all of our multidimensional nature. The many veils of separation and duality can now be cleared, allowing us see the higher truth of our existence.

The Ascension Codes made available to us through the sacred language used in Resonance Alchemy are designed to activate and awaken dormant aspects of our DNA, like keys will open certain locked rooms. Learn how to easily unlock your ascension process by activating the 9 Ascension Gems in your DNA. This is an invitation to realize you are much greater than you believed! Unlock your divine potential with these powerful keys!

This is a four hour class offered 2 hours a week for 2 weeks. The investment is $125. (At this time it is only offered as a scheduled live class with Katherine over zoom.  For the upcoming class schedule please see our Events page.)  For further information, please email Katherine at