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Opening the Heart


What does it mean to open the heart? People often believe that opening the heart means we make ourselves more vulnerable to others, to being hurt, rejected, or disappointed, or to be being overwhelmed by others pain. This misconception is based on the reality of the ego and false personality, which sees opening the heart as opening to gain something we need and do not have. But from the perspective of our essence, our inner divine nature, opening the heart is to open more fully to the deeper truth that is within the heart, not to something outer that is other than ourselves. Our heart is an organ of perception, and the more open it is, the more it perceives the divine in ourselves and in others. When it is fully open it is divine love itself. We perceive our hearts to be a radiant center of love. This divine love loves self and other equally. There is no co-dependency, no need to find love outside the self. At the same time though, it attracts love as like attracts like. We find love, compassion and non-judgement all around us, and feel the same for ourselves. This is the nature of the hearts essence, and is our divine birthright.

Resonance Frequency Healing

distance-healingEnergy healing, vibrational healing, resonance frequency healing technique; what do these terms mean, and what is the difference between them? Resonance Alchemy can be considered all three of these, and they certainly are all related. Of these, the term ‘energy healing’ is perhaps the most familiar. When we say energy healing we are talking about working with the clients energy fields, the healing energy the practitioner is channeling and/or generating, or both.

Resonance Alchemy works directly with the multidimensional energy fields of the client, sometimes referred to as the Aura, the Bio-field, the Human Energy System, etc. This includes the chakras, the meridians and other more esoteric aspects of the energy field. Where RA differs from other forms of ‘energy healing’ is that the RA practitioner is not generating healing energy in the usual sense, but rather creating a field of vibrational resonance that works something like a tuning fork to recalibrate the recipients energy fields to their natural vibrational blueprint.

So, strictly speaking, RA is a vibrational healing technique. All vibrational healing techniques are based on the fact that everything is fundamentally vibrational in nature, including our thoughts. Many methods of vibrational healing use the more obvious vibrational frequencies of sound, color and sacred geometry. Some, such as the Rife machine, are able to mechanically generate specific frequencies corresponding to pathogens, organs and even specific herbs and compounds. The vibrational frequencies used in RA, in contrast, are frequencies of a higher dimensional order, frequencies generated by the mental focus and intent of the practitioner that match the more subtle aspects of our essential nature, what we could call our divine design.

They are frequencies of love, light, wholeness and unity the practitioner generates by focusing on and silently repeating specific sacred syllables that carry the codes of our spiritual blueprint. These codes are built into our design and, when activated by the syllables, work to heal us by raising our vibration, clearing blockages to the optimal flow of our energy, and transmuting any energies we are carrying that do not belong to our higher nature.

The resonant frequencies we generate when silently repeating the RA sacred syllables are vibrational codes that resonate harmoniously with our original vibrational blueprint. The resonance of these frequencies reminds the energy fields of body, mind and spirit, of their optimal and most harmonious frequency, and re-tunes these fields to their optimal frequency and resonance.

Think of tuning all the instruments of an orchestra to their optimal frequency for playing a specific piece of music. We all have an innate tuning we are designed with, but that tuning gets disturbed by many factors throughout our life experience. If we were a musical instrument, we would be wanting to re-tune ourselves regularly, and this is what the RA sacred syllables allow us to do. They are master resonance frequency tuning tools that are universal in nature and work at the subtle levels of consciousness in full harmony with all aspects of our nature. When used in conjunction with specific points on the body to focus the intention to specific areas of the energy field, they truly are a resonance frequency healing technique par excellence.

Transformational Energy Medicine Breakthrough

Slide-Inset2-ExpandedGalaxyMindResonance Alchemy is a new system of energy healing that represents a breakthrough in Transformational Energy Medicine. We hear the words vibration, resonance, alchemy, and transformation all over these days, in many different contexts. We are reminded that all is vibration, and that truth strikes a deep cord with many of us as we shift away from a predominantly 3 dimensional reality. But perhaps we don’t stop to reflect on all that means, and what possibilities that opens up for healing, for transforming ourselves and our reality.

When we live from the perspective that all is energy and vibration, we see that the human body, soul, mind and spirit are all vibrational fields. Either these fields are vibrating in a harmonious and balanced state, like a symphony orchestra, all working together to create a state of health and happiness, or they are out of tune, to some extent, with their innate vibrational blueprint, creating dis-ease and suffering. Resonance Alchemy offers vibrational frequency tools which are totally new, yet based on ancient and timeless principals. These tools are Sacred Syllables brought through from a group of Pleiadian light beings, cosmic creation codes which are master vibrational keys that allow us to tune all aspects of our human energy system to their original blueprint, raising our vibrational state and creating multidimensional energy coherence.

This new resonance frequency healing technique is done without external devices or outer sound, relying only on the power of ones thoughts. When silently reciting these universal sacred syllables, in combination with activation of a unique series of points on the body, a field of resonance is created which brings ones energy fields back into coherence and harmonic balance, easily clearing energy blockages and disturbances. The Resonance Alchemy syllables, which convey the frequencies of unity, spiritual light and unconditional love, are a true Transformational Energy Medicine breakthrough. They allow anyone to become a master at transforming their own and others vibrational state, and to access and eliminate deep patterns of energy blockage and imbalance for healing, awakening and ascension.

The Path of Awakening

LotusThe path to awakening is filled with ups and downs. One day you are riding high, feeling one with the universe, filled with love for yourself and others, knowing you are connected to Source and All That Is. Just days later, you may have forgotten all of that, as deeper layers of ego, of collective conditioning, of shadow energies in general rise to the surface to be seen, cleared, and released or perhaps accepted and integrated. At these times you may feel all your clearing and releasing, all your efforts towards awakening, all your insights and deeper knowings, have been for naught.

Please do not believe this for a minute! As I always say to clients, when you are “in your stuff”, it always feels the same, no matter how much inner work you have done. In those moments all you are seeing and feeling is the “stuff”, the baggage we all carry that is not who we truly are. It can be difficult to realize that what you are experiencing is a molehill, as they say, and not a mountain. It is an old outmoded perspective on reality, a very limited perspective, that is no longer serving you. Our essence, our higher self, our Soul wisdom, is always there, waiting for us to re-member it, to re-member who we truly are.

What to do in these moments when we forget, when we get caught up in some negative feeling or belief? The first thing is to not fight or reject the feelings. These things are much like the old Chinese finger puzzles. You put a finger into each end, and if you pull hard to try to get your fingers out, it simply tightens around your finger, making it impossible to release. But if you relax, loosen the tension, then it is easy to gently remove your finger! So acknowledge, allow, even thank whatever feelings are arising. Allow yourself to feel where they are in your body, and breath into them, as you sense that area of your body.

Everything that arises in our experience, whether we judge it to be positive or negative, has a gift to give us, something we can learn and grow from, be nourished by. This is what is meant in the Lords Prayer by “Give us this day our Daily Bread.” Anything can be our daily bread. Its up to us to extract the nourishment from it. Be curious, rather than judgmental. Where did these feelings come from? Are they trying to tell you something? Do they arise from a deeper imbalance that needs to be addressed? Is this an emotional pattern arising from your inner child, or did you learn it from a parent? The answers to these questions aren’t the most important part. Even just the act of being curious, of allowing and looking at the emotion instead of judging or being identified with the emotion, will begin to free you from it and shift the energy.

Realize you are not your story. Whatever story you are telling yourself about what is going on, i.e. “this person is at fault for what they did to me,” or, “there is something wrong with me that this is happening,” whatever it is, is coming from a limited and false perspective. Do you best to let it go. Put the story aside and don’t let it consume your thought process. Challenge it! Is that really true? Is it always true? Again, creating a distance from the story will allow it to release, and allow space for a deeper truth to emerge.

In my book, Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life, I share an amazing process I call the RA Transformation Process. It is a 7 step process using the sacred syllables that takes about 20 minutes, and is the most powerful way I have found to shift us out of any negative state we are experiencing, and receive and be nourished by the gift of the situation. In other words, to alchemize the lead of the experience, transforming it into inner gold, into an experience of our radiant Being! Remember, everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed with a higher frequency!
Resonant Blessings, Katherine