Opening the Heart


What does it mean to open the heart? People often believe that opening the heart means we make ourselves more vulnerable to others, to being hurt, rejected, or disappointed, or to be being overwhelmed by others pain. This misconception is based on the reality of the ego and false personality, which sees opening the heart as opening to gain something we need and do not have. But from the perspective of our essence, our inner divine nature, opening the heart is to open more fully to the deeper truth that is within the heart, not to something outer that is other than ourselves. Our heart is an organ of perception, and the more open it is, the more it perceives the divine in ourselves and in others. When it is fully open it is divine love itself. We perceive our hearts to be a radiant center of love. This divine love loves self and other equally. There is no co-dependency, no need to find love outside the self. At the same time though, it attracts love as like attracts like. We find love, compassion and non-judgement all around us, and feel the same for ourselves. This is the nature of the hearts essence, and is our divine birthright.

Resonance Frequency Healing

distance-healingEnergy healing, vibrational healing, resonance frequency healing technique; what do these terms mean, and what is the difference between them? Resonance Alchemy can be considered all three of these, and they certainly are all related. Of these, the term ‘energy healing’ is perhaps the most familiar. When we say energy healing we are talking about working with the clients energy fields, the healing energy the practitioner is channeling and/or generating, or both.

Resonance Alchemy works directly with the multidimensional energy fields of the client, sometimes referred to as the Aura, the Bio-field, the Human Energy System, etc. This includes the chakras, the meridians and other more esoteric aspects of the energy field. Where RA differs from other forms of ‘energy healing’ is that the RA practitioner is not generating healing energy in the usual sense, but rather creating a field of vibrational resonance that works something like a tuning fork to recalibrate the recipients energy fields to their natural vibrational blueprint.

So, strictly speaking, RA is a vibrational healing technique. All vibrational healing techniques are based on the fact that everything is fundamentally vibrational in nature, including our thoughts. Many methods of vibrational healing use the more obvious vibrational frequencies of sound, color and sacred geometry. Some, such as the Rife machine, are able to mechanically generate specific frequencies corresponding to pathogens, organs and even specific herbs and compounds. The vibrational frequencies used in RA, in contrast, are frequencies of a higher dimensional order, frequencies generated by the mental focus and intent of the practitioner that match the more subtle aspects of our essential nature, what we could call our divine design.

They are frequencies of love, light, wholeness and unity the practitioner generates by focusing on and silently repeating specific sacred syllables that carry the codes of our spiritual blueprint. These codes are built into our design and, when activated by the syllables, work to heal us by raising our vibration, clearing blockages to the optimal flow of our energy, and transmuting any energies we are carrying that do not belong to our higher nature.

The resonant frequencies we generate when silently repeating the RA sacred syllables are vibrational codes that resonate harmoniously with our original vibrational blueprint. The resonance of these frequencies reminds the energy fields of body, mind and spirit, of their optimal and most harmonious frequency, and re-tunes these fields to their optimal frequency and resonance.

Think of tuning all the instruments of an orchestra to their optimal frequency for playing a specific piece of music. We all have an innate tuning we are designed with, but that tuning gets disturbed by many factors throughout our life experience. If we were a musical instrument, we would be wanting to re-tune ourselves regularly, and this is what the RA sacred syllables allow us to do. They are master resonance frequency tuning tools that are universal in nature and work at the subtle levels of consciousness in full harmony with all aspects of our nature. When used in conjunction with specific points on the body to focus the intention to specific areas of the energy field, they truly are a resonance frequency healing technique par excellence.

Transformational Energy Medicine Breakthrough

Slide-Inset2-ExpandedGalaxyMindResonance Alchemy is a new system of energy healing that represents a breakthrough in Transformational Energy Medicine. We hear the words vibration, resonance, alchemy, and transformation all over these days, in many different contexts. We are reminded that all is vibration, and that truth strikes a deep cord with many of us as we shift away from a predominantly 3 dimensional reality. But perhaps we don’t stop to reflect on all that means, and what possibilities that opens up for healing, for transforming ourselves and our reality.

When we live from the perspective that all is energy and vibration, we see that the human body, soul, mind and spirit are all vibrational fields. Either these fields are vibrating in a harmonious and balanced state, like a symphony orchestra, all working together to create a state of health and happiness, or they are out of tune, to some extent, with their innate vibrational blueprint, creating dis-ease and suffering. Resonance Alchemy offers vibrational frequency tools which are totally new, yet based on ancient and timeless principals. These tools are Sacred Syllables brought through from a group of Pleiadian light beings, cosmic creation codes which are master vibrational keys that allow us to tune all aspects of our human energy system to their original blueprint, raising our vibrational state and creating multidimensional energy coherence.

This new resonance frequency healing technique is done without external devices or outer sound, relying only on the power of ones thoughts. When silently reciting these universal sacred syllables, in combination with activation of a unique series of points on the body, a field of resonance is created which brings ones energy fields back into coherence and harmonic balance, easily clearing energy blockages and disturbances. The Resonance Alchemy syllables, which convey the frequencies of unity, spiritual light and unconditional love, are a true Transformational Energy Medicine breakthrough. They allow anyone to become a master at transforming their own and others vibrational state, and to access and eliminate deep patterns of energy blockage and imbalance for healing, awakening and ascension.

The Path of Awakening

LotusThe path to awakening is filled with ups and downs. One day you are riding high, feeling one with the universe, filled with love for yourself and others, knowing you are connected to Source and All That Is. Just days later, you may have forgotten all of that, as deeper layers of ego, of collective conditioning, of shadow energies in general rise to the surface to be seen, cleared, and released or perhaps accepted and integrated. At these times you may feel all your clearing and releasing, all your efforts towards awakening, all your insights and deeper knowings, have been for naught.

Please do not believe this for a minute! As I always say to clients, when you are “in your stuff”, it always feels the same, no matter how much inner work you have done. In those moments all you are seeing and feeling is the “stuff”, the baggage we all carry that is not who we truly are. It can be difficult to realize that what you are experiencing is a molehill, as they say, and not a mountain. It is an old outmoded perspective on reality, a very limited perspective, that is no longer serving you. Our essence, our higher self, our Soul wisdom, is always there, waiting for us to re-member it, to re-member who we truly are.

What to do in these moments when we forget, when we get caught up in some negative feeling or belief? The first thing is to not fight or reject the feelings. These things are much like the old Chinese finger puzzles. You put a finger into each end, and if you pull hard to try to get your fingers out, it simply tightens around your finger, making it impossible to release. But if you relax, loosen the tension, then it is easy to gently remove your finger! So acknowledge, allow, even thank whatever feelings are arising. Allow yourself to feel where they are in your body, and breath into them, as you sense that area of your body.

Everything that arises in our experience, whether we judge it to be positive or negative, has a gift to give us, something we can learn and grow from, be nourished by. This is what is meant in the Lords Prayer by “Give us this day our Daily Bread.” Anything can be our daily bread. Its up to us to extract the nourishment from it. Be curious, rather than judgmental. Where did these feelings come from? Are they trying to tell you something? Do they arise from a deeper imbalance that needs to be addressed? Is this an emotional pattern arising from your inner child, or did you learn it from a parent? The answers to these questions aren’t the most important part. Even just the act of being curious, of allowing and looking at the emotion instead of judging or being identified with the emotion, will begin to free you from it and shift the energy.

Realize you are not your story. Whatever story you are telling yourself about what is going on, i.e. “this person is at fault for what they did to me,” or, “there is something wrong with me that this is happening,” whatever it is, is coming from a limited and false perspective. Do you best to let it go. Put the story aside and don’t let it consume your thought process. Challenge it! Is that really true? Is it always true? Again, creating a distance from the story will allow it to release, and allow space for a deeper truth to emerge.

In my book, Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life, I share an amazing process I call the RA Transformation Process. It is a 7 step process using the sacred syllables that takes about 20 minutes, and is the most powerful way I have found to shift us out of any negative state we are experiencing, and receive and be nourished by the gift of the situation. In other words, to alchemize the lead of the experience, transforming it into inner gold, into an experience of our radiant Being! Remember, everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed with a higher frequency!
Resonant Blessings, Katherine

The Sacred Language of Resonance Alchemy

SriYantramerkaba-smThe healing and meditation techniques of Resonance Alchemy are based on a revealed Sacred Language, a Universal Language of Spirit that has it’s roots in a time before remembering.  This universal seed language is known as Kum Vita, which translates as the womb/ language of life.  As is true of the worlds many known sacred languages, the syllables of Kum Vita are not descriptive, but evocative, designed to call forth spiritual and higher dimensional realities.

-A sacred language communicates aspects of a spiritual or unitive reality. It is not meant to describe this higher reality, but rather to evoke this reality in ones consciousness.
-Sacred language is the language of revelation, a means through which Divine Mind
can communicate on a direct vibrational level with the human mind.
-The letters and syllables of a sacred language comprise a higher dimensional vibrational code, as each letter and syllable has it’s own inherent vibrational signature. 
-The letters and syllables of a sacred language have creative and evocative power.
-The syllables of a true sacred language are like seeds of energy and information that contain the vibrational signature of the spiritual reality they represent.

Many ancient high cultures had a sacred language as well as a mundane one.  Sanskrit is perhaps the best known to us, but the ancient Egyptians, the Hebrew and the Maya among others had sacred languages, words and syllables reserved for communicating and evoking the subtle realities of the spiritual world.

A wonderful passage in the Hermetica, attributed to the ancient Egyptian sage and alchemist Hermes Trismegistus, describes the Egyptian sacred language thus; “the very sound of an Egyptian word resonates with the thing signified by it…Our Egyptian speech is more than talk.  It’s utterances are replete with power.”

Similarly, ancient Sanskrit was considered by the Vedic sages to be the language of
divine revelation.  In early Vedic thought the word ‘vac’, meaning speech, voice and word, was considered a creative power.  It was the Divine Word, the “mother of the gods”, the force that creates, maintains and upholds the universe.  It was at the same time consciousness, breath and vibratory energy.  It’s significance was much the same as the biblical phrase “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the  Word was God.” 

Some sacred languages were spoken out loud.  Others, like the ancient Sanskrit Mantras, were not meant to be spoken aloud, but instead repeated mentally.  These mantras were understood to operate not through outer sound, which was considered a lower manifestation, but through the subtle vibrations of thought and consciousness itself.

The sacred syllables used in Resonance Alchemy have been revealed to me directly through Spirit, beginning in 1994.  They are a universal sacred language appropriate for our time, a means to assist us in our healing and spiritual evolution as we transition to a new level of consciousness and vibration on this planet, and undergo the major energy shifts that are currently taking place.  They are unique as a body of syllables, although some can be recognized as similar to sacred syllables that have been revealed in the past.  They are specific to the current needs of humanity as we awaken into a truly galactic consciousness.

They can be spoken, but like their early Sanskrit cousins they convey their vibrational information through thought and intention, not through outer sound, and are most powerful when they are repeated inwardly.  In meditation that can be repeated continuously, or in rhythm with the breath.  In healing work they are most effective when repeated in the specific pattern of 3 repetitions of 8, or sets of 24. 

The syllables of Resonance Alchemy convey a Higher Dimensional Reality.  They were identified by a well known psychic and medium to be an Angelic language.  My understanding is that they are predominantly 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional codes.  As such, they can be difficult for the mind to grasp at first.  Their effect is powerful, but subtle, often more subtle than our conscious awareness can grasp.  But we can feel their effects  in the body, the energy system, the mind and the emotions.  If we are ready, they can and will evoke higher states of consciousness when used in meditation.  They also transform negative states and undigested psychic energy, clearing the slate of our consciousness, and bring us into the present moment. They re-mind the body and energy field of it’s divine design, the vibrational blueprint of our True Nature.

Resonance Alchemy: Healing Through theTree of Life

Resonance Alchemy is a powerful new hands-on healing technique which accesses the innate intelligence and wholeness of our spiritual blueprint for physical healing, emotional balance and spiritual evolution.  Inspired and informed by the re-emerging presence of the Goddess, this profound system works from the perspective of cosmic unity, from the understanding that nature, humanity and the divine are not separate, but part of a spiritual whole, a living and conscious tapestry often symbolized as the Tree of Life.

When we are “out of balance”, in a state of dis-ease, physically, emotionally or spiritually, we are, in effect, disconnected from the higher intelligence, order and harmony that is a part of our divine “blueprint”.  Without this vital connection, our body/mind no longer has access to it’s innate resources, to the complete programing which provides our instinctive “inner healer” with the energy, information, intelligence and understanding necessary for optimal health and wholeness.  Utilizing the science of vibration, in the form of an ancient language of sacred seed syllables, along with Master Access Points on the body, Resonance Alchemy helps us to reconnect to the healing wisdom and unity of this inner spiritual “programming”, allowing any imbalances in our body/mind to naturally and effortlessly come into harmony.

Like other forms of natural healing Resonance Alchemy is based on the principal that the body is designed as a self-correcting mechanism, that it is designed ultimately to heal itself, given the proper tools and resources.  Like Homeopathy, Resonance Alchemy works on the principal that everything is energetic, or vibrational, in nature.  Everything has a vibrational signature, or particular pattern of energetic frequencies which characterize it.  And, like Homeopathy, RA works from the understanding that healing is often most effective when done at this vibrational level.  Like Acupuncture, RA acknowledges that dis-ease is the result of fundamental energies in the body that are blocked or are out of balance.  Resonance Alchemy is unique in that it uses as it’s healing ”tool box” specific sacred syllables, part of a universal language of spirit, that convey a vibrational code or set of instructions which the body’s innate intelligence can understand and utilize to restore balance and full energetic flow to all its systems.

This powerful healing language is a system of forgotten codes of light and unity which has been recently re-discovered.  These healing codes work best when conveyed by the power of thought.  This process sends specific healing frequencies through the nervous system, which resonate with the recipient’s own vibrational template, helping their body to “remember” important instructions which it has “forgotten” due to stress, toxic burden, trauma and the like. In most cases, this “reminder” will be enough to reawaken the needed aspects of the body’s natural balancing mechanism, and the body will do the rest.  Use of the syllables is combined with accessing Master Points on the body which work like accessing files in a computer, enabling the practitioner to focus on specific areas of the body or psyche that need attention.

A powerful technique for self healing, as well as for working with others,  Resonance Alchemy is a true “holistic” therapy.  It works equally well to harmonize and balance the individual on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels.  Many results are immediate, and can be felt with one or two treatments.  As with any natural therapy, however, some conditions may take repeated sessions to respond fully, depending upon the severity and duration of the condition.

Some of the many imbalances that can be treated with RA include allergies, musculoskeletal problems, digestive issues, biochemical imbalances, post traumatic stress, depression, relationship difficulties, deep-seated emotional issues, stress, learning problems and imbalances due to spiritual emergence.

Most importantly, Resonance Alchemy is a simple system that can be learned and practiced by anyone with an open mind.  Used as a series of meditative techniques, it is also a powerful tool for personal transformation and can aid anyone on a spiritual path to accelerate their process of spiritual development.

What is the Tree of Life?

RESONANCE ALCHEMY is a teaching based on the principals of the Tree of Life.

What is the Tree of Life?
    The Tree of Life represents a way of perceiving reality based on Unity, as opposed to;
    The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which represents a way of perceiving reality based on Separation.

Many ancient traditions have used the Tree of Life as a symbol and representation of
Unity Consciousness, a higher state of awareness that perceives the fundamental truth
of Unity which underlies the apparent reality of separation. Some of these traditions are:
    Essene – Jewish – Shamanic/Indigenous – Alchemical

What is the Perception of Unity?
The perception of Unity is a higher state of awareness which enables us to balance, harmonize and ultimately transcend the Dual nature of manifestation.  This includes the duality of
    Masculine and Feminine
    Spirit and Matter
    Self and Other
    Mind and Body
    Yin and Yang
    Active and Passive

A perception of unity is made possible when the right and left hemispheres of the brain are balanced, and higher brain functions are activated, including the pineal gland. In this higher state of awareness duality is still present, but is balanced and transcended by a third element or force which is neutral in polarity.  This third element is Higher Mind, which is rooted in the consciousness of Love, the all pervading Presence of Oneness, which manifests as the Life Force in all living things.

In the Jewish Kabbala, this third force is represented by the presence of the Middle Pillar, in the Kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life.
In the Hermetic alchemical tradition, it is represented by the Staff of Hermes, which unites  the two serpents in the alchemical Caduceus. 

Tree of Life consciousness is represented in the alchemical dictum: As above, so below. 
It is also expressed in the Biblical prayer “On earth as it is in Heaven”

Sacred Language is an expression of the Tree of Life.  It describes and evokes the reality of Unity, the higher dimensions of existence, not the reality of separation, which is based primarily on three dimensional sensory experience.  The sacred syllables used in Resonance Alchemy are a universal language of spirit which arise from the Tree of Life.

What is Ascension?

Most simply, Ascension is Living at a higher Frequency.

The frequency of the planet is raising, and humanity along with it.  But raising frequency mean shifting into a new perspective, the perspective of Unity.

In the higher dimensions of reality 5th, 6th, and above, there is no separation between matter, energy, and spirit.  A kind of paradox exists, between personal sovereignty and freedom on one hand, and being one with everything on the other.  We are free to be fully ourselves, as we were created to be.  A unique reflection of the divine. But in this state, we know we are not separate from the source consciousness.  We recognize all living things as sacred.  We see the divine in all things.  We see that what is in the highest good of the whole is also what is in the highest good of the part, our unique individuality.

To ascend, the physical body, the soul and mind and the body of light must unify and come into full coherence.  It is the true meaning of the sacred marriage.  We don not transcend the physical, or leave our 3D manifestation.  Our consciousness integrates and embraces all our multidimensional nature.  Then many veils of separation and duality are cleared, and we see the higher truth if our existence.

This ascension is a part of our divine design, built in to our blueprint and a part of our DNA potential.  It is who we truly are, so we are simply activating a deeper truth of our being that is already there.  This truth is being blocked from our consciousness by many layers of programming, fale beliefs and identities, and strong separation imprints from lives lived perceiving only the reality of separation.  All of this can now be cleared, just like clouds which cover the sun.  When the obstructions are cleared and the sacred inner coders activated, we will naturally move into what we call the ascension.

It is a joy, it is an opportunity, is is a grace filled blessing to accept when we are ready, and in the timing tha tis right for us as individual souls within the greater world soul.  There is no right or wrong in this, no good or bad, only an invitation, and a gift waiting to be opened.

The codes we have made available in the sacred language if KUM VITA are designed to activate and awaken dormant aspects of your DNA, like keys will open certain locked rooms.  The way to these rooms may need to be cleared out, so you can freely inhabit them.  It is an invitation to expand your living pace, to realize you are much bigger that you believed.  The doors have been locked until now.  The light is there, waiting to be let in.

Infinite Blessings channeled by Katherine, 5/9/16

Empowering Yourself Through Inner Alchemy

What does it take to master inner alchemy, to turn the lead of our negative or limited thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns and subconscious programming into the gold of our inner essence, the divine potential we know is there within us? However wonderful our intentions, it is often easier said than done.  There are a few keys, however, that are essential for the process, and will empower you to master turning your inner lead into spiritual gold!

The process always begins by taking stewardship of our inner world. Blaming our circumstances or others for how we feel, always looking outside ourselves for the source of our happiness, or lack thereof, is the cement that keeps us stuck in the lead of separation. While we may not always be able to change our automatic thoughts, emotions or subconscious programming in any given moment, we can always choose our conscious response, our attitude, toward whatever we are experiencing. In this we always have freedom of choice, and this inner choice is the key to transforming our reality.

This key to creating a reality in accordance with our highest self is really about changing our inner perspective.  The higher and more inclusive our perspective the more freedom and empowerment we have.  When we choose to view every experience as inherently useful, for example, as something we can learn and grow from, we transform any situation into one that is beneficial in some way. We ‘turn stops into steps,’ changing our relationship to life from an adversarial one to an open, inviting, cooperative one. In doing this we take the first step to becoming spiritual alchemists, signaling our willingness to take whatever lead our experience has brought us and turn it into inner gold.

Another key choice we can make as inner alchemists is to view everything, including our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as energy and vibration.  From this perspective we become receivers, transmitters and transformers of vibrational information.  We realize that we have the capacity to tune in to, as well as transmit, many different ‘channels’ of information, many different vibrational frequencies. We see that the energy and vibration of any situation can either be perpetuated or changed by the way we interact with it.  Rather than getting caught up in the story of our thoughts, feelings and interactions, our personal drama, we begin to see our experience as energy and vibration that can readily be transformed.

From this viewpoint it’s clear that the vibrations we are generating with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create a resonant field, which in turn attract a like vibrational resonance from the outside world.  By choosing to change our vibrational channel, by choosing to focus our attention on higher vibrations of unity, wholeness, light and love, we begin to transform any negative, chaotic or disruptive energies we are experiencing and create a coherent resonant field.

The work that I practice and teach, Resonance Alchemy, is a powerful system of healing and inner transformation designed to facilitate this process of raising our vibrational state.  It is based on the use of higher dimensional codes in the form of Sacred Syllables from a universal language of spirit. The knowledge of this sacred light language, which I began to receive in 1994, is a gift from a group of Pleiadian light beings.  The syllables, designed to work through thought, not outer sound, carry specific frequencies that evoke higher states of awareness, activate our inner essence, and awaken our divine blueprint.

It is said in alchemy that you must have gold in order to make gold. The inner gold within us, though it is often buried, is our Essence, the human expression of our Divine Nature. The Sacred Syllables I teach in Resonance Alchemy, used as an inner mantra, act as the catalyzing gold needed to activate and bring to life these inner spiritual resources. When used as a silent mantra in meditation, emotional clearing or healing, the Resonance Alchemy sacred syllables are invaluable frequency tools that work for anyone, creating the specific vibrations that are needed to transform the inner roadblocks we encounter as we move toward a direct experience of our divine nature.

What is Vibrational Healing – Part 2

So what causes our energy fields to get out of balance?  Pathogens and toxins are important factors, as well as diet, nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  But there are a number of other factors that can create imbalance and disharmony in our systems. From a vibrational perspective we see that we are not just separate physical entities but part of a much larger whole that includes our thoughts and emotions, our relationships, our environment, the planet we live on and our alignment with the higher dimensions of spirit.  All these factors can and do have an impact on the balance and coherence of our vibrational fields.

Ongoing and unresolved stress plays a major role in disrupting our energy field, as does physical and emotional trauma, negative emotions and beliefs, harmful electromagnetic fields, living in a disharmonious environment and overstimulation by electronic media. We are even affected by the larger changes in vibration and frequency our planet is now going through.

The human energy field is not just one thing, but is made up of fields within fields.  Our strongest and largest single field is the electromagnetic field generated by the heart, and this field has a very strong impact on all of our other fields.  This field is, needless to say, most affected by our emotions, and this is why our emotional state can have such a strong impact on our overall health.  From a quantum energy perspective a strong negative emotion can and often does cause an actual reversal in the polarity and the spin of the heart field.  If this is not corrected it will tend to continue and begin to cause negative changes in the heart organ itself.  On the other hand a strong positive emotional state creates greater coherence in our heart field and overall energy field.  When we are coherent it means all our individual fields are in communication with one another, and all are in harmony and working together, like a well tuned orchestra.  The more coherent our fields, the more energy we have and the better we feel and function, physically, emotionally and mentally.

In a Resonance Alchemy healing session I work with the higher vibrational frequencies of love, light and oneness to bring all aspects of your energy field into the greatest possible balance, attunement and coherence.  This allows full communication to be restored in your energy pathways, interference and static are eliminated, and your energy system is able to function with the full intelligence it was designed with.  Your vibrational orchestra can now produce the beautiful music of healing, radiant energy and wholeness, and the sense of joy and aliveness that is our natural state.

What is Vibrational Healing – Part 1

“Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of vibrations from within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of the body to Creative Energies.  This alone is healing….it is the attuning of the atomic structure of the living cellular force to it’s spiritual heritage.”  Edgar Cayce

Vibrational Medicine has been called by many natural health pioneers the medicine of the 21st century.  Many different types of energy medicine now use the principals of vibration and frequency to read imbalances in the body, and treat those imbalances, even identifying the frequencies of specific pathogens and toxins.  We are seeing many new technologies based on the fact that everything has it’s own vibrational frequency.  From this perspective, disease can be defined as a condition in which specific vibrational fields in the body become unbalanced, or out of tune, in much the same way that a musical instrument gets out of tune, producing disharmony instead of harmony.

Vibrational or energy healing understands health and disease from a very different model than that of Western medicine.  Traditional allopathic medicine sees the body and the human being primarily as a complex bundle of chemical actions and reactions. This is, of course, part of the picture, but both a spiritual perspective and the perspective of quantum physics tells us that we are much more that just a bundle of chemical reactions.  From the viewpoint of quantum physics we are a complex alignment of electromagnetic and quantum fields, whose main components are energy oscillations, or waves, and information, which is carried by those waves. Our electromagnetic fields have a positive and negative polarity, just as the earth’s electromagnetic field does.  And on a subatomic level, our energy fields also have the property of spin, which is why we see the energy centers  known as the chakras as spinning vortices of energy.  It has even been found that the cells actually emit particles of light, which scientists now believe transmits information through the body.  In other words, we could say from this perspective that we are not solid matter at all, but complex interactions of energy and information, which is the nature of vibration.

Our physical body becomes ill, then, when our flow of energy and information is blocked or disturbed in some way.  This causes our vibrational fields to get out of tune with their original vibrational blue-print.  After a while this begins to cause disruptions in both our mental and emotional state and in the functioning of our physical organs, glands and systems.  Conversely, when our vibrational fields are brought back into balance and harmony, this has an immediate impact on the functioning of the physical body and on our thoughts and emotions, which naturally become more positive.

There are many ways of working with the vibrational fields of the body for healing.  The most time-tested of these is Homeopathy, which uses specific remedies that are so diluted they work purely at a vibrational level, conveying information which informs the bodies natural healing intelligence to assist in bring the frequencies of the body back into healthy balance. Building on the success of Homeopathy and older methods of understanding vibration and energy in the body such as Acupuncture, many new frequency healing technologies are now being developed.
But while these new information machines do a wonderful job at reading the frequencies of the body, and even the emotions, the same kinds of information, and much more, can be read intuitively by someone trained in the skills of vibrational energy healing.  While we don’t often think about it, we humans are both frequency receivers and frequency transmitters.  Most often we are not aware of the vast amounts of information we are both receiving from ourselves and others, and transmitting, with our thoughts, emotions and even beliefs.  We can learn how to receive and read the vibrational information being transmitted by a persons energy field, and quickly determine which aspects of the energy field are out of tune, blocked or disturbed.

In a Resonance Alchemy healing session, then, I read your bodies vibrational information, focusing on your bodies larger electromagnetic fields, the chakras, the meridians and the energy fields of mind, emotions and soul.  I am also able to read your higher energy bodies, and how past lives, karmic patterns and the like are affecting your alignment with the frequencies of your higher self.  In other words, I’m reading you as a whole person.  All of this information is part of your overall energy field and can be picked up and understood by my energy field.  Your field and my field can have an energetic conversation, and together we can determine what the priorities are for healing.  I use a form of muscle testing to more accurately read what your field is telling me, along with other subtle sense perceptions such as direct knowing/seeing and empathic abilities.

When I identify aspects of your energy field that are out of tune I activate powerful healing frequencies within my own thought fields using sacred healing syllables that act just like a tuning fork, working through the principal of mental resonance to retune your energy fields to the higher frequencies they are designed to resonate with.  Your body is then able to do what it was designed to do, that is, to heal itself.

2015 Level 1 Training



Resonance Alchemy is a unique system of higher dimensional vibrational healing and personal transformation based on an ancient and sacred star knowledge which recognizes that all living things coexist in an intelligent field of matter, energy and spirit – a unified field of consciousness symbolized by the Tree of Life.

This unique and comprehensive system of vibrational healing can be learned by anyone.
Utilizing the resonant frequencies of universal sacred seed syllables, RA is a powerful method
of self-healing, as well as healing others.

More than just a healing method, Resonance Alchemy also includes simple processes and
meditation techniques that will accelerate your spiritual evolution and awaken the inherent
bliss and aliveness of your true nature.

In this five day Level One training you will learn:
• The 9 levels/dimensions of our subtle energy system and how to create a grounded, Unified multidimensional field
• ‘Dowsing’ the energy field with a simple muscle testing method to determine imbalances on all levels of the field
• Clearing and balancing the Chakras and the Meridians
• Hands on soft tissue Spinal Alignment using the RA sacred syllables
• Powerful techniques for clearing stress and trauma
• Working with the Caduceus and the Four Levels of Consciousness for physical, emotional and spiritual healing
• Activating the Light Body and clearing codes of fear, shame and guilt from the DNA
• and more…….

Join Katherine Parker, RA’s founder and author of “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree
of Life” and discover how Resonance Alchemy can transform your life, and the lives of others.

DATE: Tuesday, July 28th to Saturday, August 1st, 2015
LOCATION: Crestone Healing Arts Institute, Crestone, CO
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Book Video for Awakening The Tree of Life

Video trailer introducing my book.  Enjoy!

Katherine reading excerpts from “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life

Springtime – Balancing the Wood Element

It’s springtime – the time of year which favors the wood element according to Five Element Healing.  Resonance Alchemy energy healing addresses many aspects of the body and energy field, including the Five Elements. The wood element is the element of the Liver and Gallbladder. It is the element of growth, renewal, clarifying goals and moving forward with plans, after a long winter of hibernation.  While spring is half over in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, here in Crestone, in the Rocky Mountains, its just beginning.  But I am finally beginning to feel that inner surge of growth and expansion that comes with warmer weather and nature bursting forth!  I am ready!  For me this spring is special – I’m celebrating the birth of my first book “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life.” I hope you have a chance to read it, and to find out what Resonance Alchemy is all about!

Spring is the perfect time for detoxifying the body, and especially the liver, which thrives on all things green.  Adding a supplement of milk thistle or its active compound, Silymarin, to your health regimen right now is a simple way to begin the detox process.

Dandelion, the weed of the season, is also great for the liver energy, either as a tea, tincture or in the form of greens, which you can often get at a good natural foods store this time of year.  Begin your day with another wood element food, the lemon, adding a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice to a glass of water.  This is a great cleanser and detoxifier for the liver.

Probiotics are also a must.  You can get them naturally from fermented foods such as yogurt, kombucha and good, naturally fermented sauerkraut, or you can take a probiotic supplement – one with 5-10 strains of good bacteria and at least 10 billion organisms per capsule.  Probiotics are good for so many things, including detoxing built up toxins in the body.  Did you know that there are over three times as many genes in your body from good microorganisms as there are in the genetic makeup of your own cells?

Do you feel any resentment or anger building up right now?  Any self-criticism, or criticism of others? Finding it difficult to get out of the winter doldrums? These are the most common  negative emotions associated with the Liver and Gallbladder, and are an indication that the wood energies are out of balance.  The positive aspects of these energies are the ability to say no, to set boundaries, to be decisive and to come from a position of strength with others.  Don’t succumb to criticism from yourself or from others.  The energy of kindness is also one of the gifts of the wood element.  Try being kind to yourself and it will be easier to be kind to others.  You will find kindness coming back to you in return!

A Resonance Alchemy session is a great way to assist in balancing your wood element, your liver and gallbladder, and to clear any negative emotions that have resulted from a wood energy imbalance, or an imbalance in any of the five elements. It’s a great way to help you clear out old fears, to clarify your goals, to eliminate any self-criticism that is holding you back, and to enter the summer months with energy, clarity and a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  Happy blooming!

What is the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is an age-old symbol of unity consciousness.  Many ancient traditions have used the symbol of the Tree of Life to represent the understanding that all life is sacred and interconnected.  In the bible it appears in the Garden of Eden as an alternative to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which represents the consciousness of separation between God and man.

In the Jewish mystical tradition, the Tree of Life is the central symbol of the Kabbalah, and is a symbolic map of the process by which an individual can achieve inner wholeness and reconnect with the divine.

The Tree of Life has also been an essential element of the Essene spiritual tradition, representing the unity of God, man and nature.  In alchemy the Tree of Life was often used to symbolize the culmination of the Great Work, a state of being unifying the dualities of male and female, Soul and Spirit, the human and the divine.

The Resonance Alchemy work is based on a universal understanding of the Tree of Life. The higher dimensional Light Beings that were my spirit guides and the original source of Resonance Alchemy made it clear that the information they were giving me was rooted in a mode of perception based on Unity, as opposed to the mode of perception based on separation that is the basis of the way we typically view reality.

They told me that the story of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge is an allegory illustrating a choice humans had made in the distant past, especially in Western civilization, and are still making. This choice, they said, is to perceive the world through the filter of duality and separation, eating the “fruit” of a way of knowing conditioned by good and evil, a perceived separation of Spirit from Earth, from matter, from nature, and from life as we usually conceive it. This perception has led to the belief that Spirit and matter are fundamentally different and irreconcilable. Spirit has been perceived as the “good” side of this duality, while the Earth, nature and the body have for centuries been thought of as fundamentally “evil.”

The Tree of Life, they told me, represents another way of perceiving reality, a capacity of perception that mankind has always possessed but has not developed. This mode of perception, coming from a direct experience of the Life Force, is based on unity, on interconnectedness, on relationship, and on an understanding of the ultimate spiritual nature of all things.

They reminded me that humanity is again at an all important crossroads.  We  now have the opportunity to choose to perceive reality from a different perspective-to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life; to choose the reality of wholeness, unity and Spirit; and to begin to see the underlying oneness of all Creation.

The Sacred Syllables that were given to me and that form the basis of Resonance Alchemy are rooted in the reality of this fundamental unity.  They are essentially higher dimensional codes which carry the vibrational frequencies of the Tree of Life.  The vibrational state they produce has the potential to heal the body, and is also a powerful means of shifting us to a direct perception of the higher reality of unity and Love. These higher frequencies take us to a state of awareness in which we can balance, harmonize and ultimately transcend the dualities of masculine and feminine, self and other, mind and body, spirit and matter, human and divine.

For more on this subject, please read my book, “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life.”

Press Release

Katherine Parker reveals new method guiding readers toward healing, spiritual evolution

Energy healer and mystic announces release of new book, ‘Resonance Alchemy’
CRESTONE, Colo. — Katherine Parker’s new book, “Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life” (published by Balboa Press), is a finely woven tapestry blending spiritual autobiography, the elements of a new system of vibrational energy healing and fresh insights into inner alchemy and the Tree of Life, an age-old symbol of unity consciousness.

“Resonance Alchemy” takes readers on a journey of self-discovery designed to expand their consciousness and transform the way they view themselves and their reality. Parker opens up about her own transformation, which began with a mysterious gift from a group of celestial Light Beings. She shares with readers how this experience led to accessing a long-hidden, sacred language which she claims has the potential to shift consciousness and heal body, soul and spirit.

Parker reveals techniques, based on the vibrational resonance of this sacred language, which she believes can help bring readers into alignment with what she calls their Divine Design. “My intention is to give my readers the inspiration and the tools to heal their bodies and emotions, and accelerate their spiritual evolution,” she says. “I want them to feel empowered to clear the blockages that are holding them back. ‘Resonance Alchemy’ gives my readers powerful methods through which they can experience their wholeness, and reconnect with the Life Force and their own Divine Nature.”

What is the Shift?

So many people are talking about a shift in humanities consciousness these days.  What does this really mean, and how will it take place?  Many expected there to be a dramatic shift on or around December 21, 2012, precipitated by some kind of planet-changing external event.  I didn’t ever say much about that date as I have felt for a long time that, although I do believe humanity is undergoing a significant shift in consciousness at this time, this shift will be a gradual one.

There is no doubt we are experiencing fairly rapid climate change and other negative impacts of unsustainable growth and development.  But to me the even more significant events are invisible, happening on an subtle energetic level.  On the inner planes there has been a great acceleration of higher dimensional spiritual energy becoming available to us.  The veils or boundaries between the third dimensional physical reality we experience and the higher frequencies of mind and spirit are becoming so much thinner, and more transparent.  The opportunities for taking advantage of these higher energies for our spiritual development have been increasing exponentially.  Spiritual beings from these higher dimensions are more available to us, and are there to help us shift our consciousness to a higher state of peace, unity and love.

They can not do it for us, however.  It is we who must choose to accept this help, and to act in accordance with these higher dimensional energies.  The doors are open, the opportunities there, but we must choose to take advantage of them.  We can’t sit back and hope our consciousness will ascend automatically.  It will take desire, effort, persistence and working together to make a significant shift.

Living sustainably and working for external change is valuable and important.  But I believe making the effort to heal and transform ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually is even more important to transforming our consciousness collectively.

Psychics and channelers have observed that the consciousness of humanity is shifting from the 3rd and 4th dimensions to the 5th dimension.  How I understand this is that we are moving from a consciousness based on the material world and on the perception of linear time to more of a mental dimension.  We are understanding more about the importance and power of the mind, and seeing how our thoughts and beliefs influence and create the reality we experience.  This can be a good thing, but we must ask ourselves, “Do we have power over our own minds?”  The mind is powerful, but it is a double-edged sword.  Without the balancing and harmonizing influence of higher love, which is centered in the heart, the mind’s power can divide and separate as well as bring greater understanding.  As we usher in this 5th dimensional age, we must also move to include 6th dimensional reality, which is centered in the heart and the experience of Unconditional Love.

Resonance Alchemy has moved to Crestone, Colorado

As a body worker, tai chi practitioner and long time resident of Crestone I have had the opportunity to experience many wonderful healing modalities, here in Crestone and elsewhere. But a few years ago when I reconnected with an old friend and heard about the new system of hands on energy healing that had been revealed through her, sourced by a group of Higher Dimensional Star Beings, I wanted learn more. When I experienced it, I immediately found the work to be profound and life changing. I decided I wanted to learn as much as I could about it, and began studying with my friend, Katherine Parker, in Denver.

After studying this new system for three years, which Katherine calls Resonance Alchemy, I have now become a practitioner myself, and am very excited about the transformation I have been experiencing not only in myself but in my clients who are receiving the work.

Just recently Katherine and her husband Mark made the move from Denver to Crestone, and I asked her if she would sit down with me and answer a few questions about Resonance Alchemy to share with the Crestone community.

Steve: Can you briefly tell the story of how Resonance Alchemy came to be?

Katherine: I can try! (chuckle) In the winter of 95-96 I had a spontaneous and completely unexpected out-of-body experience one night. I was aware of leaving my body and traveling into space, heading towards the Pleides. Great beams of light came towards me from the Pleides star cluster, and I found myself surrounded by a group of light beings. They produced three or four beautiful crystals, made of light, and placed them within my astral body. I was aware that they contained a profound information, but I had no clue at the time what that information was. A number of weeks later in meditation I was visited by three light beings, who began to open up the knowledge that was encoded in the crystals. After that time, the information and knowledge began to slowly and naturally unfold in my awareness. The knowledge has three parts: a series of sacred seed syllables that are of a previously forgotten universal language of spirit, a series of points on the body that activate various layers and aspects of the energy field, and a means of using the syllables and points for healing and spiritual awakening. I hasten to add that at the time I thought all this was pretty far-out. I did not doubt what was happening, but I treated it all with a healthy skepticism. My attitude was; I will work with this information, I will test it out, and if it proves to effective and beneficial, great! Well it did prove to be more amazing than I could have ever imagined, but it was subtle.

Steve: What would you say distinguishes Resonance Alchemy from other healing modalities?

Katherine: Well, it is unique, both in how it is done and also, I believe, in the scope of the work. It works on the principal of resonance, but it is the resonance of thought, not outer sound. The power of the work is in the vibrational codes produced by the thought-repetition of the syllables, which are fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional in nature. This is similar to the Reiki symbols, but the syllables are more varied, and are able to communicate many specific aspects of spirit. Also the use of the points makes the work focused and precise. It is a very comprehensive system, specifically addressing not only physical and emotional issues and conditions, but even more importantly working directly with the soul and the higher self, reconnecting or strengthening our connection to our higher self, clearing karmic blockages and patterns, retrieving soul energies, clearing soul possessions and the like. It truly addresses the whole human being, but focuses on whatever priority is most beneficial for the person at that time.

Steve: Resonance Alchemy has a strong spiritual component, as you have indicated. Would you say more about that?

K: Well, as I said, the healing power of the syllables is spiritual, activating aspects of our own essential nature through what the western traditions call higher mind, or Nous. A prominent channel confirmed that the syllables are angelic in nature. These higher dimensional vibrations activate the bodys innate healing capacity, for physical and emotional healing, or, if its the personal intention, for awakening and accelerating spiritual unfoldment and development. The syllables activate our innate spiritual potential, and do not involve any particular belief system, religion or dogma. In this way they are universal, and can be used effectively by anyone regardless of their spiritual tradition, beliefs and other practices. I was instructed in the beginning to use the syllables in meditation, and found them to be extremely powerful. I had meditated for many years before, and using the syllables took my meditations to a whole new level. As you know, I encourage my students to use the Resonance Alchemy work for their own spiritual unfoldment, as well as a healing modality.

S.: You mentioned that the source of this information was a group of higher dimensional star beings. I guess it is safe to say that many ancient traditions claim to have been the recipients of information passed on to them by Higher Beings from the stars. Is the Resonance Alchemy work informed by any particular earthly tradition as well?

K: It is a universal and integrative system, so there are elements of the work that can be found in a number of different traditions. For instance, we work with the five elements that are found in the Chinese system, the 7 chakras of the Vedic tradition and the enneagram, which is more Sufi in origin. We also work with the planetary energies, which are central to many traditional systems. But I would have to say, probably the strongest linage informing the work comes through the western esoteric tradition, beginning with Thoth in ancient Egypt, the Hermetic and Alchemical traditions, and even Pythagorus and Plato. Thoth/Hermes has been one of my primary guides for many years, and one of the foundations of the RA work is a deeper understanding of the Caduceus. My guides told me in the beginning it is a teaching based on the original meaning of the biblical Tree of Life.

S: What are your plans for being here in Crestone and moving RA into the future?

K: I am very excited to be making Crestone the home base for the RA work. I find the natural energies and the people here to be very conducive to and supportive of this work. I look forward to continuing my private practice here, as well as to teaching Master Classes on a regular basis. I will be starting a class here most likely in January, but perhaps before. I have also been working on a book about RA, and plans for an integrative healing retreat center, centered around RA, but also including other healing modalities.