Awakening Your Divine Blueprint

Are you ready to start your journey to wholeness and joy?
Resonance Alchemy is a unique system of transformational energy medicine. This higher dimension vibrational healing system is based on the understanding that all living things coexist in a unified and intelligent field of matter, energy and spirit – a unity symbolized by the Tree of Life.
This class is available in person or online.


Resonance Alchemy Level 1 Training

Prerequisite is the introductory class, Awakening Your Divine Blueprint.

The RA Level One training is for anyone interested in learning basic but powerful techniques for self-healing, personal transformation, or beginning to use RA to heal others. It is offered in two formats, in person or On-Line.
The in person Level one is offered as an intensive 5 day, residential training, offered once a year during the summer. Exact dates and location to be announced.

The On-Line Level One training is offered twice a year, and is taught in segments of 2 hours a week via Zoom for 8 weeks, with an additional 8-10 breakout hours of practice encouraged and a one on one hour long mentoring session with founder and teacher Katherine Parker plus email questions and answers as needed included.


Resonance Alchemy Level 2 Training

Prerequisite is the Resonance Alchemy Level 1 Training.

The RA Level 2 Training is a continuing and deepening of the Resonance Alchemy healing work, for those wishing to deepen their own practice or to do healing work on others, with the prerequisite being Level One.

It is also taught in two formats, in person and On-Line. The in person training is an intensive, residential 5 day, 35 hour training, with an additional day offered for those who wish to learn the hands-on Resonance Alchemy Soft Tissue Spinal Alignment (for Massage Therapists and others licensed to do hands on healing.)

The On Line Level 2 is offered 2 hours a week for 10 weeks, plus 8-10 break out hours for practice encouraged, email questions and answers from Katherine, and 3 45 minute one on one mentoring sessions with Katherine over Zoom included.


Resonance Alchemy Level 3 Training

Resonance Alchemy Level 3 is a continuation of Levels 1 and 2, for students who wish to learn all aspects of the Resonance Alchemy healing work, whether for their own healing and development, working with clients as an RA practitioner or adding RA to other healing modalities in their healing practice. Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisite.

Level 3 is taught in an intensive 6 day, 42 hour residential format only. It includes a 30 + page training manual. Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing Level Three.


Resonance Alchemy Level 4 – Practitioner Certification Course

Level 4 is for those students who wish to become certified as full Resonance Alchemy Practitioners. Certified Resonance Alchemy Practitioners will be able to go on to teach several Resonance Alchemy classes, and will be listed as practitioners on the RA website.

The Level 4 will consist of advanced protocols and practices, as well as a supervised practice clinic and evaluations. A prerequisite for full certification will include 30 documented client sessions and at least 8 personal RA sessions with founder Katherine Parker.