Resonance Alchemy is a unique system of transformational energy medicine.

This higher dimension vibrational healing system is based on the understanding that all living things coexist in a unified and intelligent field of matter, energy and spirit – a unity symbolized by the Tree of Life.

Utilizing the resonant frequencies of universal sacred seed syllables, or Cosmic Creation Codes, this powerful resonance frequency healing technique is useful for self-healing, as well as for healing others. This unique and comprehensive system of vibrational healing can be learned by anyone given proper training and practice.

Are you ready to start your journey to wholeness and joy?

Awakening Your Divine Blueprint: An Introduction to Resonance Alchemy
A new self-paced, online course with Katherine Parker

This online introduction to Resonance Alchemy includes simple energy medicine and meditation techniques you can use to transform your life, accelerate your spiritual evolution and awaken to the joy and aliveness of your true nature.

In this introductory online class, taught by founder Katherine Parker, you will learn:

• How to activate the potential of your multidimensional energy system and divine blueprint
• The power of “inner sound” and the use of universal sacred seed syllables to balance, tune and raise your vibrational state
• Techniques to transform negative emotions and help you maintain a positive mental and emotional attitude
• Opening your Heart to greater coherence and unconditional love
• Developing your intuition and higher knowing
• Clearing fear, shame and guilt patterns from your subconscious and DNA
• How to build and maintain a strong and grounded energy field
• Creating Sacred Space in your home or office with the RA Cosmic Creation Codes
• A powerful 7 step process for transforming all areas of your life
• and more…….


The investment is $297. The course includes four self-paced online video modules, five demonstration videos, guided meditations and all course materials and handouts.  Nearly 10 hours of video content!

LEARN MORE and view full curriculum here.

Questions? Contact Katherine at Katherine@resonancealchemy.com