Resonance Alchemy takes you on a remarkable journey of discovery that will expand your consciousness and transform forever the way you view yourself and your reality.

Based on the author’s direct experience, this journey begins with a mysterious gift from a group of celestial Light Beings. Their gift leads to the unveiling of ancient but long hidden techniques designed to assist humanity in the current shift of consciousness now taking place.

Join Katherine Parker as this ancient knowledge unfolds, from the revelation of a universal language of Sacred Syllables to the discovery of a unique healing method based on the vibrational resonance of this sacred language. Learn how these Sacred Syllables can bring your body, soul, and spirit back into harmony with their Divine Design. Transform your consciousness as you gain a profound new understanding of inner alchemy and shift your perspective from separation to unity with your Divine Nature.

Discover powerful methods that will:

  • Open your heart and develop your intuition
  • Activate your body’s power to achieve and maintain radiant health
  • Reconnect you to your Higher Self and accelerate your spiritual evolution; and
  • Help you achieve a profound inner alchemy of body, soul, and spirit.
  • Learn profound healing processes that you can do on yourself!



This groundbreaking book entertains at the same time it empowers the reader with practical steps for deepening one’s abilities as a healer. Katherine Parker has woven a spellbinding and captivating read in this true story of the discovery of a new healing dimension. In the tradition of Carlos Castaneda and Dan Millman, Katherine’s narrative tale shares with disarming candor her own initial skepticism, and her tribulations and triumphs with the extraordinary experiences and inner guidance she is given while receiving this system.

Resonance Alchemy reveals new and profound healing principles in a simple, clear and straightforward manner. I have firsthand results with Katherine’s Resonance Alchemy healing work, both in her clinic and with distance healing from 1,000 miles away. Her deep intuitive insights into the causes behind the symptoms are as valuable as the relief her treatments provide. This innovative approach unfolded in Resonance Alchemy is not to be missed.

Jampa Mackenzie Stewart, MSOM

Author of The Life of Gampopa
Jampa Mackenzie Stewart


A Unique Approach to Healing
By RMReikiMasteron August 11, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Rarely in my thirty-plus years of work in the metaphysical/spiritual ream, and certainly not in my fifteen-plus years as a clinical psychotherapist, have I had my interest so captivated by a single book. To say that it is difficult to impress me is an understatement. But that is what Katherine Parker has done with Resonance Alchemy.

This is truly a book in its own league. New “systems” and healing methods are frequently brought into existence these days-often intuited or “channeled” as Parker’s material apparently was. But Parker’s system works at a different level than most traditional energy healing methods. It is based on what she calls an “ancient language of Spirit” and uses “seed syllables” that are sounded silently, using the power of intention/thought vs. verbal sound to activate four major consciousness points (as opposed to chakra energy points) on the body. The syllables are used along with tapping (similar to EFT and other healing methods) to “open” the consciousness points and allow access to the natural healing intelligence of the body.

However, Resonance Alchemy is not a simple system; in fact it is multi-layered and includes unique references, such as the Holographic Cosmic template (HCT) that correlates aspects of the emotional, mental and archetypal levels of healing. According to Parker, Resonance Alchemy reconnects us to Spirit by clearing blocks in our vertical vibrational axis, raising our entire energy field and reconnecting us to our Higher Selves and our life’s Purpose. It works both vibrationally and holographically and pulls from an eclectic body of research, including the Heart Math Institute’s research on heart vibration and the quantum physics of Lynn McTaggart’s Zero Point Field paradigm. More esoteric “experts” referenced include the Egyptian Master Thoth and a variety of angels, goddesses and nature spirits.

A seemingly vast and complex system is surprisingly well pulled together into a useful, readable tutorial with the help of numerous graphics, exercises and several Appendices that offer summaries of key points as well as a review of exercises and processes.

I think healers form many different traditions will resonate with the information found in this book. I, for one, have been wishing for some new “tools” that are specifically suited to my “5th Dimension” clients. I believe I have found these tools in the Resonance Alchemy system. I think those who feel “called” to this book will be those for whom Spirit has intended this divinely guided system to be entrusted to.

Rita Milios, LCSW, The Mind Mentor, Transformational Psychotherapist, Author, Healer; Inner Peace Professional Counseling, Hudson, FL

“I wanted to thank you for the syllables, they are changing me in such a deep and powerful way! Your book is truly and monumentally life changing!”
~Mark, Maine

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