Resonance Alchemy is a powerful new hands-on healing technique which accesses the innate intelligence and wholeness of our spiritual blueprint for physical healing, emotional balance and spiritual evolution.  Inspired and informed by the re-emerging presence of the Goddess, this profound system works from the perspective of cosmic unity, from the understanding that nature, humanity and the divine are not separate, but part of a spiritual whole, a living and conscious tapestry often symbolized as the Tree of Life.

When we are “out of balance”, in a state of dis-ease, physically, emotionally or spiritually, we are, in effect, disconnected from the higher intelligence, order and harmony that is a part of our divine “blueprint”.  Without this vital connection, our body/mind no longer has access to it’s innate resources, to the complete programing which provides our instinctive “inner healer” with the energy, information, intelligence and understanding necessary for optimal health and wholeness.  Utilizing the science of vibration, in the form of an ancient language of sacred seed syllables, along with Master Access Points on the body, Resonance Alchemy helps us to reconnect to the healing wisdom and unity of this inner spiritual “programming”, allowing any imbalances in our body/mind to naturally and effortlessly come into harmony.

Like other forms of natural healing Resonance Alchemy is based on the principal that the body is designed as a self-correcting mechanism, that it is designed ultimately to heal itself, given the proper tools and resources.  Like Homeopathy, Resonance Alchemy works on the principal that everything is energetic, or vibrational, in nature.  Everything has a vibrational signature, or particular pattern of energetic frequencies which characterize it.  And, like Homeopathy, RA works from the understanding that healing is often most effective when done at this vibrational level.  Like Acupuncture, RA acknowledges that dis-ease is the result of fundamental energies in the body that are blocked or are out of balance.  Resonance Alchemy is unique in that it uses as it’s healing ”tool box” specific sacred syllables, part of a universal language of spirit, that convey a vibrational code or set of instructions which the body’s innate intelligence can understand and utilize to restore balance and full energetic flow to all its systems.

This powerful healing language is a system of forgotten codes of light and unity which has been recently re-discovered.  These healing codes work best when conveyed by the power of thought.  This process sends specific healing frequencies through the nervous system, which resonate with the recipient’s own vibrational template, helping their body to “remember” important instructions which it has “forgotten” due to stress, toxic burden, trauma and the like. In most cases, this “reminder” will be enough to reawaken the needed aspects of the body’s natural balancing mechanism, and the body will do the rest.  Use of the syllables is combined with accessing Master Points on the body which work like accessing files in a computer, enabling the practitioner to focus on specific areas of the body or psyche that need attention.

A powerful technique for self healing, as well as for working with others,  Resonance Alchemy is a true “holistic” therapy.  It works equally well to harmonize and balance the individual on the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels.  Many results are immediate, and can be felt with one or two treatments.  As with any natural therapy, however, some conditions may take repeated sessions to respond fully, depending upon the severity and duration of the condition.

Some of the many imbalances that can be treated with RA include allergies, musculoskeletal problems, digestive issues, biochemical imbalances, post traumatic stress, depression, relationship difficulties, deep-seated emotional issues, stress, learning problems and imbalances due to spiritual emergence.

Most importantly, Resonance Alchemy is a simple system that can be learned and practiced by anyone with an open mind.  Used as a series of meditative techniques, it is also a powerful tool for personal transformation and can aid anyone on a spiritual path to accelerate their process of spiritual development.