level1Level 1 Course Description

The RA Level One training is for anyone interested in learning basic but powerful techniques for self-healing, personal transformation, or beginning to use resonance frequency healing techniques
to heal others. It is offered in two formats, in person or On-Line.

The in person Level one is offered as an intensive 5 day residential training, offered once a year during the summer. Exact dates and location to be announced.

The On-Line Level One training is offered twice a year, and is taught in segments of 2 hours a week via Zoom for 8 weeks, with an additional 8-10 breakout hours of practice encouraged and a one on one hour long mentoring session with founder and teacher Katherine plus email questions and answers as needed included.

Both courses of transformational energy medicine include Katherine’s book, Resonance Alchemy: Awakening the Tree of Life, as well as a 30 page training manual, 5 -6 demonstration videos, and a 30 minute guided meditation MP3. Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing Level One.

You will learn:

  • To use kinesiology or a pendulum for dowsing the energy field
  • Clearing energy switching
  • Techniques for strengthening, clearing and maintaining your multidimensional energy field
  • Clearing and activating your Caduceus and activating your light body
  • Grounding the energy field and clearing blockages to grounding
  • The basics of a Resonance Alchemy session including how to tune in, how to find priorities for a session and closing the session.
  • Clearing entities, cording, and trauma in the energy field
  • Clearing physical and emotional stress in the energy field
  • Clearing and balancing Chakras
  • Clearing and balancing organs and glands
  • Clearing negative beliefs
  • Working with the inner child and the super ego
  • Clearing pathogens
  • Creating sacred space with the RA sacred syllables
  • 20 different sacred syllables phrases for clearing, balancing and activating different elements of the energy field.

$575. (price does not include food and lodging for residential format )