level2Level 2 Course Description

The RA Level 2 Training is a continuing and deepening of the Resonance Alchemy healing work, for those wishing to deepen their own practice or to use this holistic energy medicine system on others, with the prerequisites being the RA Introductory Class and Level One.

The Level Two resonance frequency healing techniques are taught in two formats, in person and On-Line. The in person training is an intensive, residential 5 day, 35 hour training, with an additional day offered for those who wish to learn the hands-on Resonance Alchemy Soft Tissue Spinal Alignment (for Massage Therapists and others licensed to do hands on healing.)

The On Line Level 2 is offered 2 hours a week for 10 weeks, plus 8-10 break out hours for practice encouraged, email questions and answers from Katherine, and 3 45 minute one on one mentoring sessions with Katherine over Zoom.
Both courses include a 25 page training manual, and all necessary demonstration videos. Upon completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for Resonance Alchemy Vibrational Healing Level Two.

Level 2 includes:

  • • Higher Octave Energy Field tuning
  • Understanding and balancing the 5 Elements
  • Meridian clearing and balancing
  • Allergy Elimination
  • Clearing toxins and pathogens
  • Clearing and balancing body systems, musculoskeletal and biochemical points.
  • Clearing chronic stress patterns
  • Past life clearing
  • Clearing karmic patterns
  • Soul retrieval and clearing soul contracts
  • Working with the archetypes of the Holographic Cosmic Template
  • Meditation practices including the 8 yogas of the Syrian Lion Beings

$650. ($775. with added day for in person Soft Tissue Spinal Alignment training)
Price does not include food and lodging for residential format.