Katherine Parker is a gifted empath, intuitive, and the visionary founder and developer of Resonance Alchemy, a new system of healing and personal development that uses the vibrational frequencies of higher dimensional sacred syllables. She is a certified massage therapist, hypnotherapist, and ordained minister with over twenty-five years of experience in the field of holistic health.

In 1994 she began to have a series of profound mystical experiences that initiated the development of the Resonance Alchemy healing system. During that time she received the elements of this unique system of healing through a process of direct spiritual guidance. She now maintains a private Resonance Alchemy practice in Denver and Lafayette and teaches Resonance classes on line and in person.

For the past 20 years, clients have used Katherine’s services to support themselves and their families through physical and emotional challenges and alchemical spiritual evolution. Please look at her testimonial page (link) to see the glowing comments for her Transformational energy medicine work.

She offers the following Holistic Energy Medicine Services:

Katherine Parker’s Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Katherine can be done in person at her comfortable Denver location, or at a distance, by arranged appointment.

In-person sessions are conducted while you rest comfortably on a massage table (usually fully clothed).At-a-distance sessions begin and end with a short phone consultation with Katherine, and are performed while you rest quietly at home.

Either way, your treatment will always begin with a brief consultation to discuss your situation, needs, expectations, and any specific issues that are troubling you.



Resonance Alchemy Tune Ups

Resonance Alchemy clients can get 45 minute ‘mini- sessions’ at a distance with Katherine Parker. These sessions are excellent for those students or clients who need extra support. This service is available to you after you have had at least one regular session. Please ask Katherine if this is a good option for you.



Resonance Alchemy House Clearings

Do you want to upgrade the energy in your home or business? Resonance Alchemy house clearings can transform your home (or business) into a sacred space that supports your greater health, abundance and peace of mind. Katherine Parker combines the ancient art of dowsing with her Resonance frequency healing techniques to shift the unseen frequencies in your space. Once the space is cleared, life flows so much better right away!