Resonance Alchemy is a holistic energy medicine system that uses Cosmic Creation Codes for healing and transformation. Katherine Parker received the Resonance Alchemy system over twenty years ago in a direct spiritual transmission from a group of Pleiadian light beings. Since that time, hundreds have learned how to use this remarkable technology through Katherine’s teaching and mentoring. In addition, thousands of people have received healing and transformation around the globe from these powerful resonance frequency healing techniques.
This is what some of her students are saying:

Testimonials for Resonance Alchemy Classes

testimonial2“Katherine’s Resonance Alchemy training to utilize the syllables as tools for healing is amazing. As one who has been doing healing work myself since 1980, I’ve seen a lot of techniques come and go. These syllables are priceless tools for helping people release the old traumatic stories to enter into the capacity to hold more LIGHT. I believe in Katherine and the syllables completely!!! Katherine is so worthy of gaining respect for the work she carries into our world. God bless Katherine and the syllables.” DeAnna Elliott, CO


“Not only did we learn profound and deep healing methods that can be applied to ourselves and to others, we ourselves were transformed and healed on many levels during Katherine’s 5 day Resonance Alchemy training. After the course I felt more centered yet at the same time more expanded and free. RA is a very vast and deep, yet surprisingly simple and effective healing modality and can be even used in conjunction with other healing methods. After having worked with RA for over a year I am still blown away by its scope and depth and its ability to bring all our different fields in alignment.

I feel blessed to have met Katherine and her work. She is an authentic and genuine healer and teacher. I hope RA can spread and be widely known since I know that it will help to expand and elevate the consciousness in the world, which is so needed at this time.” Gisela Matzke, CO

testimonial-1“I want to thank you for doing such profound work in the world. I woke this morning after the workshop in a state of expansion, light and love quite unlike anything I have experienced before. Meditation today started in a deeper place, and when the syllables were added, dropped into a near breathless state.

I think I can speak for the group in saying that we feel deeply blessed by the workshop and the transformational nature of the work. It is in deep resonance with my field and purpose and with the intention for expanding consciousness in the world. “ Christi Bernat, CO

This is what some of her clients are saying:

Testimonials for Transformational Healing Work:

“I really appreciate the work you did on my damaged hip in July. It helped tremendously – more than anything else – to speed the recovery and my comfort.”
~ Peg, CO

“I wanted to thank you for the syllables, they are changing me in such a deep and powerful way! Your book is truly and monumentally life changing!”
~Mark, Maine

“More awareness and expansion is beginning to open for me as I relax and continue to release deeply. Words fail to express my deep gratitude for the divine grace and assistance that Resonance Alchemy has brought to my life and spiritual evolution.”
~Diane S. CO

“Your work allows my conscious mind to go very deep. As my treatments have progressed, my “stress management baseline” lowered itself to a healthy level. This allowed me to see clearly how I create my own reality. My chronic anxiety vanished, and humor has blossomed in its place. My husband claims that I’ve stopped complaining all the time (and he should know). Thanks, Katherine. You are truly a pioneer and the world needs your work! ”
~Lynne S., Denver

“Your work is stunning. I feel balanced and relaxed today and in control of my energy.”
~Lucy B., speaker and author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss

“Resonance Alchemy works! My hormones were brought back into balance after going into menopause without taking any hormone medications or supplements. I felt so much better after my first session.
I never stop being amazed at all Resonance Alchemy can do – seemingly so easily… I seem to be able to process a broader picture, a deeper picture, effortlessly.”
~Helen W., clothing store owner

“Katherine is a wonderful person, healer, and teacher, who walks her talk. Her work is very inspiring and her healing presence is radiant and empowering.”
~Shanti D., Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy

“I started working with Katherine regularly after my mother died. I felt I needed some support to deal with the overwhelming stress and loss I was feeling. During that first remote session I was amazed to feel Katherine remove layers of stress from my system.

I was so relieved and grateful! I don’t know how I could have gotten through without her help. As I’ve continued to work with her, my core patterns are being revealed and healed! I believe Katherine has the ability to work within deep realms to help me express more of who I really am.”
~Ellen L., Albuquerque, NM

“As I have pursued a deep spiritual path while operating as a mainstream business person, Katherine, with her Resonance Alchemy work, has been and continues to be enormously valuable support for me. Her remarkable insights and energy flow continually enhance my physical, mental and spiritual well being.”
~Bob B., business consultant

“I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 Breast Cancer. Thanks to Katherine’s wonderful healing techniques, I was able to go through chemotherapy and radiation without many of the side effects that usually occur. My weekly long distance sessions with Katherine provided my body with the support it needed and I was ultimately in remission in 6 months, much sooner than the doctors expected. I will forever be grateful for the kindness, expertise and loving attention she provided while I faced one of my biggest life challenges.”
~Jeri B., Austin, TX

“You help me get ‘unstuck’ and moving through with my strength and balance back. I am very grateful for the work you do! ”
~Angela M. Colorado

“I’m healed!! There are no words to express my gratitude for healing my ‘pneumonia.’ I had tried everything under the sun and nothing worked (Western medicine, alternative, complementary) until you did your magic. After two hours with you the pain in my chest was gone, the cough was gone, and my energy was back…and this after more than two months of feeling awful.”
~Diane D. Colorado

“All has been really great this week….the transformation has been really amazing!”
~Kate P. New Jersey

“Katherine has treated me for both cracked ribs and allergies with amazing results! Learning these techniques has brought balance to my life, and taught me to listen to the voice within.”
~Pam N., CPA