Slide-Inset2-ExpandedGalaxyMindResonance Alchemy is a new system of energy healing that represents a breakthrough in Transformational Energy Medicine. We hear the words vibration, resonance, alchemy, and transformation all over these days, in many different contexts. We are reminded that all is vibration, and that truth strikes a deep cord with many of us as we shift away from a predominantly 3 dimensional reality. But perhaps we don’t stop to reflect on all that means, and what possibilities that opens up for healing, for transforming ourselves and our reality.

When we live from the perspective that all is energy and vibration, we see that the human body, soul, mind and spirit are all vibrational fields. Either these fields are vibrating in a harmonious and balanced state, like a symphony orchestra, all working together to create a state of health and happiness, or they are out of tune, to some extent, with their innate vibrational blueprint, creating dis-ease and suffering. Resonance Alchemy offers vibrational frequency tools which are totally new, yet based on ancient and timeless principals. These tools are Sacred Syllables brought through from a group of Pleiadian light beings, cosmic creation codes which are master vibrational keys that allow us to tune all aspects of our human energy system to their original blueprint, raising our vibrational state and creating multidimensional energy coherence.

This new resonance frequency healing technique is done without external devices or outer sound, relying only on the power of ones thoughts. When silently reciting these universal sacred syllables, in combination with activation of a unique series of points on the body, a field of resonance is created which brings ones energy fields back into coherence and harmonic balance, easily clearing energy blockages and disturbances. The Resonance Alchemy syllables, which convey the frequencies of unity, spiritual light and unconditional love, are a true Transformational Energy Medicine breakthrough. They allow anyone to become a master at transforming their own and others vibrational state, and to access and eliminate deep patterns of energy blockage and imbalance for healing, awakening and ascension.